Trackers Used To Tap
Into New Business

24th Nov 2018 | Mumbai

It's reported that Mr. Bharat, a young entrepreneur from Mumbai has found a great way to help more people get employed. Sources say that he recently started a bike rental service for young men who wish to make an income by working for popular delivery services.

Renting out 40 bikes at once could be risky business and if stolen could lead to an incredible loss. Mr. Bharat invested in a solution that would not compromise on

the safety of the riders and vehicles. He got matchpointGPS trackers installed in all his bikes. With this, Mr. Bharat is always able to track every bike's location, reducing the risks in his business.

When approached, Mr. Bharat said,

"I am relieved that I don't have to worry about the bikes because I will always know where they are through my phone."