21st Jan 2019 | Bangalore

It has been reported that a young 28-year-old man has walked 15 kilometers to get his job done.

On the 10th of January, Mr. Shivraj, an employee of matchpointGPS, had to cater to a client in the interiors of Karnataka. He decided to complete the journey on foot, due to unavailability of transport. Upon hearing this, his manager refused to let him go but his determination got the better of him and he left to complete his long quest of 15 km.

The journey took him two and a half hours to complete. Upon arrival, the client was surprised by his effort and offered to drop him home once the tracker was fit into the car.

When asked, a matchpointGPS representative, here is what Mr. Shivraj from Bangalore had to say,

“I like my company and my job, and I feel like it's my duty to give the customers the best service. Hence, I went on this memorable journey."