1000 Lose Homes In
Kerala Floods

15th Sep 2018 | Kerala

On August 8th, an unexpected rainstorm hit the state of Kerala.  Many lost their homes and vehicles to the calamity.

Countless vehicle trackers were damaged in the disaster. matchpointGPS, a tracking solution company headquartered in Mumbai, wanted to help their large customer base in Kerala. On Friday, they issued a statement that a team of capable TSEs will be sent to the affected areas to ensure that every damaged tracker is replaced.

Additionally they announced that every matchpointGPS employee who was a victim of the floods, would receive financial aid from the company.

This is what Manoj Pillai from Kerala had to say,

"I thought I lost everything in the disaster and didn't know what to do. But matchpointGPS 's financial aid really helped me get through it."