GPS tracker helps in tracking the vehicle real time ensuring safety of your fleet at all times.

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Call us: 1800 266 4800 (24x7)


Here's what our customers think about us.
Mr. Mukesh Pahuja
City: Mumbai
‘’Great App and great service, It shows exact location of my car…. gives all updates on timely basis, really worth the price.’’
SRB Auto leasing:
City: Ahmedabad
‘’We have deployed GPS-Based vehicle tracking and Monitoring system supplied by matchpointGPS for our fleet vehicles. The solution is working smoothly meeting our requirements. We had a strange incident wherein one of our vehicles was stolen and illegally driven away at high speeds during night hours. We were able to locate our abandoned vehicle accurately thanks to the ignition on, live track and speed alert features in the matchpointGPS tracker. We could retrieve the vehicle quickly without suffering any losses. Hence the GPS based vehicle tracking has given us additional advantage in time of crisis. We are also satisfied with the technical support.’’
Mr. Jay Shah
City: Vadodara
‘’Very good tracker and app, easy to use, complete value for money.I can be at ease with my kids going to school with the driver as I can track them live at a click of a button’’
Sahil Valecha:
City: Mumbai
‘’I had parked my car at a parking lot near the railway station in Mumbai and after a few hours when I came back I was not able to find my car, first I thought that I may have parked it on the other side but when I checked thoroughly I could not find it, then I thought of tracker and logged into the app to check the location, to my surprise it was being driven by someone on the Mumbai - Pune Expressway. I went to the nearest police station and reported the entire incident, the police authorities took the id password from me and started tracking via web portal, they contacted their highway patrol team at Mumbai - Pune expressway to stop the vehicle and catch hold of the thieves.

I am glad that I invested in matchpointGPS vehicle tracking device.’’
Mr. Mehta
City: Surat
‘’Very helpful support team, thanks for explaining the features. 5 stars for the app and service.’’
Mr. Jaisingh:
City: Delhi
‘’Just recently, I felt dizzy while driving home from work. I have a low blood pressure problem. I stopped my vehicle at a side to search for some candy in my car however I fainted. My family knew I was coming home and since they have access to the account they could track my car, they could not get in touch with me as I had lost consciousness and was unable to answer the phone. My wife and daughter were worried and feared the worst. An hour later, my daughter reached the location where I had parked my car and drove me home. Thankfully I had invested in matchpointGPS, my family had a means to locate me.’’
Ms. Vartika
City: Chandigarh
‘’I used to be tensed about the security of my car as I do not have a fixed parking spot, with matchpointGPS I do not have to worry.’’
Sanjay :
City: Chandigarh
‘’I was not aware that my 16 yr old son used to drive my car in my absence, I got matchpointGPS tracker installed in my new car and one day when I was in office I received a notification via matchpointGPS mobile app, I was shocked to see my car being driven at high speeds and at at a distance of about 30 kms from my house. After that day I have installed the matchpointGPS tracker in all my vehicles so that I can be aware of the status of all my vehicles.

I thank matchpointGPS for providing such prompt and accurate services.’’
Mr. Vinod Sethi
City: Bangalore
‘’Great service provided by matchpointGPS. Looking forward to the updated version of the App.’’